Mural painting of the XVIII dynasty.
Valley of the Kings, Luxor. Egypt.

Since being discovered by Howard Carter in 1922, and due to his rich archaeological value, Tutankhamun's tomb has become the iconographic image of Ancient Egypt. Because of the growing popularity, more than 2,000 visit daily. This tourism pressure has caused critical situation on the paintings conservation.
Zahi Hawass, Valley of the Kings head of the conservation during the last decade, in 2011 announced the intention to close the doors of several tombs, including Nefertari, Seti I and Tutankhamun. Proposes at the same time the creation of the "Valley of the Replicas" to try to give a respite to the rest of the Pharaohs.

The first exact paintings reproduction of Tutankhamun’s tomb, has been the product of collaboration between Factum Arte and Arsus Paper. In the process of completing the facsimile has resorted to new technologies available: surface scanning, digital photography, machining, pigmented ink inkjet with photo quality, and transfered images with Papelgel.

The process is carried out as the one conducted by Arsus Paper in 2007 to execute the

Guimerà´s Gothic altarpice.

Aspect of the panels.

Factum Arte photographed and scanned the walls of the original burial chamber. Once in Madrid, company headquarters, and with all the information collected, volumes and surface textures were machined.

Transferred image.

The twenty-four panels that complete sixty square meters of the mural image were transferred into the Arsus Paper’s local, in Barcelona.

Like the tomb was a topographical map, the surface of the chamber walls have a rugged orography, and have been treated according to this orography. The image has been fine tuned to every accident, texture, or bump concavity. This is possible thanks to the unique advantages Papelgel system:

-Has an elastic phase, which allows adapting the image on any surface. Moreover, adjustments and dimensional corrections avoid the creeping or any other possible error accumulation.

-Is transparent so the control, adjust and the working track
is complete.

-The adhesive used (in this case an acrylic copolymer) can properly choose seeking compatibility with the characteristics of the support material. That's all that
remains (besides the color) after removing Papelgel film.


detail of relief.

detail of relief.

Est wall relief.

wall surface.

Papelgel printed between the sipport and the
projected image, previously placed and adjusted.

Details of the projection accuracy.

Joining two images

The high resolution images of the paintings in the burial chamber, with an approximate area of ​​60 square meters were mounted and then cut the outline drawings of the grounds.

The color was corrected and adjusted taking into account the color references taken from the original painting.

For the images placement a projection system similar to the assemblies orthophotography was used.

Each of the images, once given the situation and trim, are projected on the corresponding area, providing a first approximation.

The material allows the image glides to the correct position. The transparency provides a precise control to place the image. In this way and thanks to the elasticity of the material, is possible to adjust even the slight relief of the moss that has colonized the paints.

The overlap sheet can be cut without risk of deviations, descuadres or duplication of details.

Each element is sufficiently representative. From every detail depends that the work acquire the realism and the objectivity necessary to present the high artistic value and symbolism of the original work.

Finally, a protective varnish is applied with different charges that add matting silica to get the similar look to the original work.

Arsus team adjusting the reproduction.

First image, cutout detail.

Work detail (Hugged Pharaoh Osiris).

The mummy in the sarcophagus.

Time of work.

Detail of the fungi and surface appearance.

Detail of the relief.

Effect of dust collected in the photography.

Olga in assembly.

Removing the Papelgel.

Nacho, Julio and Vera.

Applying another fragment.

Baboons northern wall.





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