Table representing the Ascension. Gothic altarpiece of Santa Maria. XV century.
Church of Santa Maria, Arties. The Val d'Aran.
Work preserved in the Maricel Museum of Sitges.
Commissioned by the Barcelona Council.


The altarpiece of Santa Maria has had an eventful life. In the early twentieth century it disappeared and was recovered by the Diocesan Museum of La Seu d'Urgell. Later, during the civil war, temporarily disappeared again, and in 1980 one of the tables was stolen. And it is still missing.

The other object of reproduction, is currently held in the Maricel Museum of Sitges (who kindly offered a color photograph to temporarily alleviate the absence, and even the final placement of the copy).

Altarpiece of Santa Maria view.

Photo detail (in color) that replaces the table.

Nacho tweaking the final details.

Golden detail in the reproduction.





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