Son del Pi




The Gothic altarpiece of Sant Just and Pastor of Son del Pi (Lérida), from Solives Francesc School, kept in good condition in the Church, but two of its boards are preserved in the Maricel Museum, Sitges (Barcelona).
Commissioned by Pallars Sobirà County Council.

Reproducing the tables.

Photo session of the original work, in high resolution.
Preparation of the wooden boards, through a printed look similar to the original preparation, in the places where the images are applied.
Scaling and assembly of photographic images.
Printing inks U.V. images (Indoor duration of over 100 years).
Application of gold on the printed image.
Applying PapelGel printed on previously prepared tables, adapting to any irregularities and textures, thereby transferring the image onto the surface.
Papelgel removal.
Application of protective varnish.
Incisions and other reliefs.





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