Museu del Vi

Mural painting egg tempera.
Pau Boada (1910-1975).
Museum of Wine Culture of Catalonia.
Vilafranca del Penedès.



The main building was originally the middle palace of the Catalan-Aragonese Crown. Built between the XII and XIII, it was acquired by the City of Vilafranca and turned into a museum in 1936. The walls of one of the main rooms are lavishly decorated by Pau Boada with wine motifs.

A major reform of the museum and of the room in question, forces a restitution of the paintings because one of the doors needs to be renovated and expanded. Part of the work would be irretrievably lost to the wall disappear, but in the affected area to accommodate a load beam was necessary to replenish the lost image.

High-quality photo assembly from the hole wall.

Final look after of the painting after the works.

Appearance after image transfer.

Jose Manuel removing Papelgel.

Another view of the restauration.

To make restitution area distiguible of the image with respect to the original paint was applied to an intermediate band dotted mode "trattello" digital.





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