Cave painting.
Cave of the Jews.
Karrantza. Bilbao.


Kobenkoba, is a new interpretation center of Paleolithic art. Enabled in a natural cave, known as the Jews cave, between Karrantza and Lanestosa shows in a enjoyable and educational way, what were the living conditions of our ancestors. In different routes described how they lived, how they hunted and how they related socially. In about 70 square meters place and under the name of 'The Splendor of European Quaternary art', unfolds a set of 21 replicas of the most important rock painting sites, mainly French-Spanish area, which concentrates most of the parietal wall art.

The GAEM archeology cabinet, which is specialized in cultural resource management and project manager, raised the need for rock wall painting replicas in the natural cave of "the Jews" to support the speech explaining the Paleolithic.

Never before had the circumstance neither possibility, to transfer an image on walls where water continuously oozes freely, which is deposited dust or mud reliefs were created by the sediment accompanying calcium bicarbonate water seeps into the cave.

The environmental conditions in the gallery, with a constant relative humidity "dew point", over 95%, and 14 º C throughout the year, which were compounded by poor access to working areas.

Into the limit of Papelgel transfer system benefits, the images were applied to irregular surfaces, and volumes of complex angular reliefs. In some cases directly on clay, in others, on wet limestone formations.

A detailed study was necessary and many tests "in situ" to provide an adequate solution to work.

All these evaluations were carried out in close collaboration with Ramon Montes, director of the project. The places were defined to natural cloths best suited for each figure, using in some cases the volumes match those of the original.

Images were selected that best represented the historical thread of artistic wall art we know today, choosing varied types both for execution, as represented motifs.

In some cases, to simplify the understanding of certain reasons, the copy was resolved with graphic images synthesized, as in the case of reindeer in the Coins cave. In others, it was decided to conduct a photographic replica; this is the case of Altamira bison.

Olga transferring the image of Altamira bison


Pech Merle Horse

Santimamiñe Bison

Arenaza Hind

Salitre Hart

Niaux Bison

Olga with the La Bone Mammoth

Lascaux Cow

Marc with a Garma horse

Las Monedas cave Reindeer

Application Process

Elimination of the backgroundd image
-Tito Bustillo Vulvas-

Printed image


Transfer on the rock

Ekain Horse tranfered to the relief

Final apperance





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