The Assumption of the Virgin




Oil painting on canvas. José de Ribera.
Fuencisla Sanctuary, Segovia.
Commissioned by the General guidance of Heritage of Castilla y León.
Dimensions: 350 x 245 cm.

The shrine, dedicated to the patron saint of Segovia, located in the mall known as The Fuencisla, attached to the rocks Grajeras.
Inside, is placed an important artwork: 'The Assumption' of José de Ribera, also known as The Españoleto.

Following a major restoration carried out by the General guidance of Heritage and Cultural Heritage of the Junta de Castilla y León completed in early 2007, the canvas was removed from the original location to expose regardless of the altarpiece, putting at the place an exact copy.The original work was placed into a room inside the Shrine, in order to contemplate directly the great painting and facilitate their study, in addition to allowing a proper maintenance required by such paintwork.

For the replica realization, it was considered essential to prepare a quality support very similar to the original, so the election was a tightly woven coarse linen.
An special frame in large dimensions was performed, and finally a primer was given to the entire surface very similar to that prepared by the artist.A detailed photographic report was developed. To avoid reflections and increase the resolution of the image, each collected catches a limited area.After Transfer with Papelgel, a protective coating is applied to one aspect and nuance irregular, similar to that present original work.





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