After years of study and work in collaboration with prestigious research centers, Arsus Paper has developed a unique material in the world -patented in thirteen countries-, which expands the possibilities of the photographic image into the world of art.

PAPELGEL® Es un material copolímero laminar, imprimible y biodegradable. De aspecto muy similar a los papeles convencionales de calidad fotográfica,  permite transferir imágenes fotográficas de gran calidad a objetos con volumen, sin limitación de tamaño, forma o textura

It is the only world system capable of transferring images in photo-quality to a three-dimensional surfaces regardless of size, shape or texture.

Inside the art restoration field, and in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the Papelgel characteristics have been adapted for being used in large chromatic reintegration of the missing parts in a mural painting. As a result of the investigation, is able to transfer photographic images on lime mortars, without the need of intermediate adhesives that could alter the wall permeability. This use of Papelgel, has been applied in the restoration of the mural paintings of Antonio Palomino, in the church of the Santos Juanes in Valencia among many others.





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